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Title: Integrated Inspection and Light Servicing System For High Mast Light Poles
Contact: Soundar Balakumaran
Associate Director for Structures
Project No.: 69828
Target Date: 04/01/2005
Abstract: High mast light poles are visually inspected once every five years using binoculars or telescopes. Suspected cracks, if sighted, are further investigated by sending a person in a bucket for magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and a close-up photograph of the MPI site, or just a close-up photograph of the crack without any MPI. Bulbs are typically replaced every 3 years. The objective of this research is the development of an inspection tool that is integrated with the winch/cable based ring-lowering system designed for servicing of lights. Inspection costs are reduced by combining the periodic light servicing function with the pole inspection function. More comprehensive inspection data will be available and stored in digital video files, thereby providing a more permanent and useful record of each pole in the inventory. The quality and the quantity of the inspection data will be greatly enhanced. Improved safety for personnel since fewer people will be exposed to traffic by combining the light servicing and inspection activities.

     Pradip Sheth - PI
     Michael M. Sprinkel

  • Structures