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Title: The Role of Smart Traffic Centers in Regional System Operations Performance: A Hampton Roads Case St
Project No.: 72501
Target Date: 09/23/2005
Abstract: A study is proposed that will develop a framework for evaluating and monitoring the performance of Smart Traffic Centers (STCs), in the larger context of systems operations. The project's focus will be on the Hampton Roads region. The recommended measures of performance established by the research project will assist VDOT in documenting the benefits of the investment made in STCs. They will also provide a tool that can be used to justify expansion, upgrades, and enhancements for individual STCs. The investigation will include a review of literature pertaining to the evaluation of systems operations and STCs. The next task is a documentation of the major systems operations functions in the Hampton Roads Region and at the Hampton Roads STC (HRSTC). After developing an "exhaustive set" of performance measures, the feasibility of using each of the measures at the HRSTC will be evaluated. This feasibility study will generate a "practical set" of appropriate measures of effectiveness. Then, the performance measures will be applied and tested for validity.

     J. A. Pegues