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Title: VDOT Critical Infrastructure Protection: CIP Phase IV
Project No.: 74115
Target Date: 02/27/2006
Abstract: In three previous projects for VDOT's SEMD UVA's CRM made recomemendations to VDOT to employ certain processes/procedures to protect VDOT's critical transportation infrastructure. The objective of this fourth phase of the research is to address the following four topical areas of study and thereby provide VDOT with models and tools that support the security of critical transportation assets: (1) Enhance the computer model interdependency analysis tool (developed in Phase 3); (2) Identify critical resources and organizational structures for VDOT to respond to emergencies and provide security; (3) Develop an intelligence collection model for transportation systems; (4) Study the propagation of inoperability into transportation from other sectors.

     Y.Y. Haimes
     J. H. Lambert