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Page Title: VCTIR Projects

           VCTIR staff conduct projects internally and also coordinate research being conducted by other organizations on behalf of the Virginia Department of Transportation. Direct any questions concerning these projects to the key staff contacts shown as the principal investigators-

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Durability of Hybrid Composite Beams
The number of bridges needing major rehabilitation and replacement is increasing along with their...
Assessment of Low Impact Development Strategies Used in Lorton Road Widening Project
To reduce the potential effects of highway runoff on receiving waters, transportation agencies ar...
Design and Pilot of an Elastomeric Concrete Plug Joint – Phase I
Expansion joints are important components of bridges, which allow movement in the deck. They expe...
Design, Installation and Initial Condition Assessment of a High-Strength, Corrosion-Resistant, Steel-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck
This project will employ recently developed structural design guidelines, tools, and details to d...
Carbon-Fiber Grid-Shear Reinforcing for Bridge Beams
Virginia has begun using carbon-fiber composite cable (CFCC) prestressing strands in precast conc...
Implementation of Pervious Concrete for Stormwater Management at VDOT Facilities
Pervious concrete is an option for stormwater management, as it allows runoff to percolate into t...