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Ann M. Overton 
Communications Manager
Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research
530 Edgemont Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 293-1912

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News Releases
New Environmentally Friendly Tool Helps Manage Roadkill; VDOT Opening Composting Facilities Around V
RESEARCH BRIEF 14-R4RB: Real-Time Prediction of Vehicle Locations in a Connected Vehicle Environment
Research on Revolutionary Pavement-Recycling Project Indicates Solid Performance 3 Years Later
RESEARCH BRIEF 15-R1RB: I-81 Pavement Recycled in Place Performs Well After Three Years.....
VDOT Researches Wildlife Patterns to Reduce Collisions, Increase Roadway Safety
RESEARCH BRIEF 12-R12RB: Composting Animal Carcasses Removed from Roads....
RESEARCH BRIEF 13-R7RB: Thermal Response of Integral Abutment Bridges.....
RESEARCH BRIEF 14-R3RB: Investigation of the Safety Effects of Edge and Centerline Markings .....
RESEARCH BRIEF 12-R13RB: Durability of Wet Night Visible Pavement Markings
RESEARCH BRIEF 12-R7RB: Land Development Risk Analysis For Multimodal Transportation Corridors
RESEARCH BRIEF 12-R9RB: Use of Precast Slabs for Pavement Rehabilitation on I-66
RESEARCH BRIEF 12-R10RB: Thermal Response of a Highly Skewed Integral Bridge
Pavement Recycling Methods Save Time, Money and Materials During Construction
Legislation Directs VDOT to Conduct Pilot Projects Using 'Quiet-Pavement' Materials
I-81 Paving Project Uses Innovative Processes
VDOT Names New Research Director
Zig Zag Pavement Markings Have Positive Effect