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Page Title: Staff Contact

Team Memberships:
  • Pavements

  • Projects:
  • 117566 - Evaluating Recycling Agents’ Acceptance for Virginia: Test Protocols and Performance-Based Threshold Criteria  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 117336 - Feasibility of Using Monotonic Loading-based Tests to Evaluate Rutting Performance of Asphalt Mixtures  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 115763 - Balanced Mix Design for Asphalt Mixtures: High RAP Field Trials  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 115533 - Field Performance and Economic Analysis of Pavement Sections with Highly Polymer-Modified Asphalt Overlays  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 112037 - Performance Mixture Design for Asphalt Mixtures: Phase I, Roadmap and Specification Development  -  Co-Principal Investigator   

  • Publications:
  • 20-R33 - Installation and Initial Evaluation of Paving Fabric Interlayers for Mitigating Reflective Cracking in Pavements