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  • 99047 - Trip-Generation Method for Small Area Plans  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 72989 - Implementing SB 353, A Method for Developing the Transportation Element of a Local Comprehensive Plan  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 74111 - Hurricane Evacuation Route Analysis  -  Co-Principal Investigator   

  • Publications:
  • 07-R6 - An Evaluation of County Comprehensive Plans in Virginia
  • 07-R20 - Identification of Potential Fee Structures for Land Development Reviews by the Virginia Department of Transportation
  • 06-R17 - Alternative Transportation Funding Sources Available to Virginia Localities
  • 06-R15 - An Operational Analysis of the Hampton Roads Hurricane Evacuation Traffic Control Plan
  • 03-CR7 - Incorporating Advanced Signal Control Systems into an Archived Data User Service Program
  • 01-R11 - A Management Plan for Historic Bridges in Virginia
  • 00-R11 - A Survey of Masonry and Concrete Arch Bridges in Virginia