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  • 88916 - Access-Management Performance Measures  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 84995 - Improving Land Use Forecasting for Medium-Size Metropolitan Planning Organizations In Virginia  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 82897 - Feasibility of Offsite Airport Terminals in Improving Landside Access to Airports  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 76303 - Measuring the Effectiveness of Long-Range Transportation Planning in Virginia  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 68292 - Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Influences vs. Expected Outcomes  -  Principal Investigator   

  • Publications:
  • 99-R7 - Evaluating Improvements in Landside Access for Airports
  • 99-R1 - A Simulation Analysis of Traffic Flow Elements for Restricted Truck Lanes on Interstate Highways in Virginia
  • 97-R16 - Exclusive Lanes for Trucks and Passenger Vehicles on Interstate Highways in Virginia: An Economic Evaluation
  • 95-TAR1 - Multimodal Transportation Planning in Virginia: Past Practices and New Opportunities
  • 95-R1 - Design and Information Requirements for Travel and Tourism Needs on Scenic Byways
  • 94-R7 - Succession Planning: Determining VDOT's Professional Needs for the 21st Century: Final Report
  • 91-R8 - An Investigation of Toll Plaza Capacity and Level of Service
  • 91-R1 - Developing Design Elements for Scenic Byways in Virginia: Final Report
  • 88-R10 - Heavy Truck Data in Virginia: Collection, Uses, and Needs
  • 86-R15 - Application of High Technology in Highway Transportation
  • 82-R8 - Intercity Bus Service in Virginia
  • 82-R2 - Survey of Transit Bus Maintenance Programs in Virginia
  • 81-R14 - An Evaluation of the Effect of Level of Service and Cost on Demand for Intercity Bus Travel: Final Report
  • 80-R9 - Procedures for Increasing the Use of Car Pools for Work Trips
  • 77-R47 - Ride-sharing Activities in the Richmond Regional Planning District
  • 77-R15 - Organizing and Operating a Vanpool Program: Feasibility of Vanpooling in Virginia
  • 10-R2 - Access Management Performance Measures for Virginia: A Practical Approach for Public Accountability
  • 09-R6 - Airport Offsite Passenger Service Facilities: An Option for Improving Landside Access: Volume II: Access Characteristics and Travel Demand
  • 09-R2 - Improving Socioeconomic Land Use Forecasting for Medium-sized Metropolitan Organizations in Virginia
  • 08-R15 - Airport Offsite Passenger Service Facilities: An Option for Improving Landside Access: Volume 1: Definition, Background, and Opportunities
  • 08-R10 - A Methodology to Evaluate Unplanned Proposed Transportation Projects
  • 07-R8 - Defining Effective Regional Planning in Virginia
  • 05-R23 - A Tale of Three Regions: Influence of Highway Investments on Population and Traffic Growth in Virginia
  • 03-R18 - Residential Trip Generation: Ground Counts Versus Surveys
  • 02-TAR3 - Highway Project Cost Estimating Methods Used in the Planning Stage of Project Development
  • 02-R7 - A Simulation-Based Approach to Evaluate Safety Impacts of Increased Traffic Signal Density
  • 01-R12 - The Transferability of Safety-Driven Access Management Models for Application to Other Sites
  • 00-TAR3 - Approaching the "Smart Growth" Issue: A Look at Best Practices Used by Transportation Planning Organizations