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  • 101944 - A Survey of Collaborative Transportation Planning Techniques and Their Application to Corridor Access Management Plans  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 85142 - A Determination of the Actual Costs to VDOT of Land Development Review – Phase II  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 76831 - An Examination of Some Aspects of the Coordination of Land Use and Transportation Planning at the Local, Regional, and State Level  -  Principal Investigator   

  • Publications:
  • 98-R1 - An Assessment of the Feasibility of Developing and Implementing an Automated Pavement Distress Survey System Incorporating Digital Image Processing
  • 15-R20 - Improving Collaboration and Consensus Building in the Coordination of Access Management and Land Use in Corridor Planning
  • 08-R3 - The Role of Statewide Planning Goals in Oregon's System of Coordination and Planning and Their Effect on Transportation Planning
  • 07-R20 - Identification of Potential Fee Structures for Land Development Reviews by the Virginia Department of Transportation
  • 04-R16 - A Study of the Proposed Virginia Rail Transportation Development Authority
  • 04-R14 - Options for Improving the Coordination of Transportation and Land Use Planning in Virginia