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Page Title: Staff Contact

Research Advisory Committee:
  • Geotechnical Research Advisory Committee  -  Executive Secretary   

  • Team Memberships:
  • Pavements

  • Projects:
  • 114221 - Using Google Earth and Google Street View for Slope Cut Inventory and Rockfall Hazard Rating  -  Project Monitor   
  • 109960 - Development of Best Practice Implementation Guide for Geosynthetics in Low-Volume Pavements  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 102892 - Investigation of Roller Compacted Concrete for Use in Pavements in Virginia  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 00038 - Evaluation of the Construction and Initial Condition of Bonded and Unbonded Hydraulic Cement Concrete Overlays Placed on a Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement on U.S. 58  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 92733 - Use of Precast Slabs for Pavement Rehabilitation and Field Trial on Interstate 66  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 92019 - Unbound Pavement Layer Resilient Modulus for MEPDG  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 80266 - In-Situ Determination of Pavement Layers Moduli for Quality Control and Construction Acceptance of Pavement Layers Using LWD.  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 77743 - Characterization of Subgrade and Subbase/Base materials in Virginia for Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design  -  Principal Investigator   
  • 78698 - Use of Micro-Deval Test for Virginia Aggregates  -  Co-Principal Investigator   
  • 79653 - Field Demonstration of a Tool (MIT Scan-2) for Nondestructive Determination of Dowel Bar Position in Concrete Pavement  -  Co-Principal Investigator   

  • Publications:
  • 17-R21 - Determination of Mechanical Properties for Cement-Treated Aggregate Base
  • 17-R10 - Investigation of Roller-Compacted Concrete for Use in Pavements in Virginia
  • 15-R19 - Use of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement in Stafford, Virginia
  • 15-R13 - Development of a Catalog of Resilient Modulus Values for Aggregate Base for Use With the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG)
  • 15-R12 - Estimation of Subgrade Resilient Modulus Using the Unconfined Compression Test
  • 14-R16 - Use of Concrete Pavement Overlays on U.S. 58 in Virginia
  • 12-R9 - Use of Precast Slabs for Pavement Rehabilitation on I-66
  • 11-R6 - Characterization of Unbound Pavement Materials From Virginia Sources for Use in the New Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Procedure
  • 10-R6 - Evaluation of the Lightweight Deflectometer for In-Situ Determination of Pavement Layer Moduli
  • 10-R1 - Benefits of Using Geotextile Between Subgrade Soil and Base Course Aggregate in Low-Volume Roads In Virginia
  • 09-R4 - Characterization of Subgrade Resilient Modulus for Virginia Soils and its Correlation with the Results of Other Soil Tests
  • 07-R29 - Use of the Micro-Deval Test for Assessing the Durability of Virginia Aggregates
  • 06-R9 - Forensic Investigation of Concrete Pavement: U.S. 460, Appomattox Bypass
  • 06-R40 - Field Demonstration of Magnetic Tomography Technology for Determination of Dowel Bar Position in Concrete Pavement
  • 06-R22 - Evaluation of Precast Patches on U.S. 60 Near the New Kent and James City County Line