VTRC - Advisory Board
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         The agreement between the Virginia Department of Transportation and the University of Virginia creating the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC)  in 1948 established a governing body, now known as the Advisory Board, to guide VTRC’s research activities to benefit both VTRC and the University. 
The board meets twice yearly and includes:
   the Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner
   the VTRC Director
   the Dean of U.Va.’s School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
   the Chair of the Civil Engineering Department
   one representative appointed by U.Va.’s president
   one representative appointed the VDOT commissioner
         The Advisory Board reviews the research program to ensure its continued relevance, identifies new research initiatives, including ways to obtain more funding and grants, and evaluates new resources for transportation research and education. 
         The Memorandum of Agreement under which the VTRC operates is currently in its fourth revision, and can be viewed here.