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Page Title: VTRC Projects
TitleMembersDue Date
Determining an Accelerated Performance Based Test Method for Ranking Commercially Available Corrosion Resistant Metal ReinforcementStephen R. Sharp01/31/2016
Comparison of the Performance of UHPC Bridge Deck Panels to FRP, Steel, & Full Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck PanelsSteven Chase; Carin Roberts-Wollmann; Jose P. Gomez06/30/2014
Sandwich Panel Steel Deck SystemWilliam Wright; Jose P. Gomez06/30/2014
Use of Precast Slabs for Pavement Rehabilitation and Field Trial on Interstate 66M. Shabbir Hossain; H. Celik Ozyildirim06/29/2012
Characteristics of Hydraulic Cements, Supplementary Cementitious Materials and Other Mineral Admixtures Used in Concrete 03/31/2013
Mix Design and Curing Effects on Creep and Camber of Prestressed Girders 01/31/2015
Pavement Friction Management Program - Statewide PilotEdgar de Leon Izzepi; Gerardo Flintsch; Kevin K. McGhee04/30/2021
Connected Traffic Control System (CTCS): Research Planning and Concept DevelopmentMichael D. Fontaine; Brian L. Smith11/30/2019
Effect of Cold Central Plant Recycled Asphalt Mixture Stockpiling on Mixture PerformanceBenjamin F. Bowers; Brian K. Diefenderfer09/30/2019
Evaluation of Strategies to Reduce Truck Turnarounds at the Hampton Roads Bridge TunnelHong Yang; Rajesh Paleti; Mecit Cetin; Michael D. Fontaine02/28/2019
Corrosion Resistant Steel Fastener AssembliesAudrey K. Moruza; Stephen R. Sharp; Jason T. Provines01/31/2021
Examination of Features Correlated with Roadway Departure Crashes on Rural RoadsMo Zhao; Justice Appiah10/31/2019
Installation and Initial Evaluation of Paving Fabric Interlayer for Preventing Reflective Cracking in Asphalt PavementsHarikrishnan Nair; Kevin K. McGhee09/30/2019
Computational Enhancements for the VDOT Regional River Severe Storm Model (R2S2) Phase IIJonathan Goodall11/30/2018
Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Residual Capacity and Repair Methods for Corrosion-Damaged Prestressed Concrete Bridge GirdersIoannis Koutromanos, Ph.D.; Matthew Hebdon, Ph.D., P.E.; Carin L. Roberts-Wollmann10/31/2018
Development of Pavement Structural Criteria Using Data from Traffic Speed Deflectometer Pilot StudyBenjamin F. Bowers; Brian K. Diefenderfer03/21/2010
Identification and Characterization of Traffic BottlenecksMo Zhao; Ramkumar Venkatanarayana10/31/2018
Workable and Durable Concretes for Bridge RepairHarikrishnan Nair; H. Celik Ozyildirim05/31/2020
Traveler Information for the Commericial Vehicle Operations CommunityAlejandra Medinia; Eric Li; Ron Gibbons; Michael D. Fontaine09/30/2018
The Effectiveness of Deer Advisory Messages on VDOT's Changeable Message Signs:Phase IIYoung-Jun Kweon; Bridget M. Donaldson04/30/2018
Metal Culvert Repair with Fiber Reinforced ConcreteH. Celik Ozyildirim07/31/2020
Underwater Concrete PlacementH. Celik Ozyildirim02/28/2020
Methods To Ensure Appropriate Installation And Prevent Loosening Of Anchor Nuts On Ancillary Highway StructuresMatthew Hebdon05/31/2020
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Wildlife Fencing Along Existing Isolated UnderpassesYoung-Jun Kweon; Bridget M. Donaldson01/31/2019
Performance of Bridge Deck Overlays - Phase II - Field SurveyRichard Weyers; Soundar Balakumaran04/30/2018
Development of Best Practice Implementation Guide for Geosynthetics in Low-Volume PavementsM. Shabbir Hossain; Audrey K. Moruza; Edward J. Hoppe11/30/2018
Assessing the Feasibility of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Count Program in VirginiaLance E. Dougald; Peter B. Ohlms01/31/2018
When and How to Consider Connected Vehicles in Virginia Transportation Planning ProcessesDonna Chen; Di Kang; John S. Miller08/31/2018
Guidance for Field Evaluations and Load Ratings of Bridges with Limited or Missing As-built Data, Phase IIDevin Harris; Osman Ozbulut; Bernard L. Kassner09/30/2018
Management Guidelines for Historic Roads in VirginiaAnn B. Miller03/31/2019
Implementation and Evaluation of a Buried Cable Animal Detection SystemCristian Druta; Andrew Alden; Bridget M. Donaldson01/31/2019
Refinement of the Inverted T-Beam Bridge SystemCarin L. Roberts-Wollmann01/31/2019
Evaluation of the Safety Effects of the I-77 Active Traffic and Safety Management System: Phase 2Michael D. Fontaine03/31/2018
Welding of ASTM A1010 SteelJ. M. Fitz-Gerald; S. R. Agnew; Stephen R. Sharp03/31/2020
Implementation of Coating Removal Technique for Steel Components on VDOT BridgesJames M. Fitz-Gerald; Sean R. Agnew; James S. Gillespie; Stephen R. Sharp12/31/2018
Extent of VDOT’s Exception Process for Access StandardsCatherine Harrison; Lance E. Dougald; John S. Miller11/30/2017
Development of Network Screening and Diagnostic Procedures for Improving Roadway Departure Safety in VirginiaIn-Kyu Lim; Young-Jun Kweon12/31/2017
Customizing the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) for VirginiaIn-Kyu Lim; Young-Jun Kweon03/31/2018
Construction of the Waynesboro Route 340 Bridge with Maintenance Free Corrosion Resistant Steel GirdersAudrey K. Moruza; Stephen R. Sharp07/31/2019
Evaluation of FiberMat Surface Treatment on US 301 in Sussex CountyLinbing Wang; Harikrishnan Nair; Kevin K. McGhee; D. Stephen Lane06/30/2019
Compaction and Permeability of Asphalt Concrete - a Review of Virginia's Acceptance ProgramKevin K. McGhee01/31/2019
Flash Tracking for Accelerated Project Delivery - Phase IJesus de la Garza; Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi05/31/2017
Developing a Design Methodology and Quality-Control Measures to Use Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Unbound Base Aggregate in Flexible Pavements Burak Tanyu; Edward J. Hoppe06/30/2018
Alternatives to Protected-Only Left-Turn PhasingMichael D. Fontaine; Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.; Justice Appiah05/31/2018
Reuse Options for VDOT's Street Sweeping ResidualsLewis Lloyd; G. Michael Fitch09/30/2017
Assessment of Trip Generation Estimation Methods for Mixed-Use, Infill, Transit-Oriented, or Smart Growth (MITUS) DevelopmentsIlona O. Kastenhofer07/31/2016
Carbon-Fiber Grid-Shear Reinforcing for Bridge BeamsCarin L. Roberts-Wollmann03/31/2017
Design and Pilot of an Elastomeric Concrete Plug Joint – Phase I Soundar Balakumaran; Soundar Balakumaran01/31/2017
Durability of Hybrid Composite Beams Stephen R. Sharp; Soundar Balakumaran06/30/2018
Evaluation of Diagonal Down Yellow Arrow Lane Use Control SignalMichael D. Fontaine; Ramkumar Venkatanarayana12/31/2017
Virginia Connected Corridors – Support for Initial DeploymentCatherine C. McGhee; Zac Doerzaph02/28/2017
Inspection of Virginia Bridge Decks with Overlays Using Time-lapse ThermographySteven B. Chase01/31/2017
Evaluation of Highly Polymer-Modified Asphalt MixturesBrian K. Diefenderfer; Stacey D. Diefenderfer; Benjamin F. Bowers01/31/2016
Carbon-Fiber Composite Cable in Prestressed Bridge BeamsStephen R. Sharp; H. Celik Ozyildirim05/31/2017
Update for Management Plan for Historic Bridges in Virginia Ann B. Miller04/30/2017
Optimal Control and Assessment of Area-Wide Emergency-Vehicle Priority SystemsMonty Abbas12/31/2015
Innovative Pavement Markings to Facilitate Bicycle TravelPeter B. Ohlms01/31/2018
Evaluation of Recycled Concrete as an Additive to Base Course/Subbase Material in Virginia Department of Transportation ProjectsBurak Tanyu11/30/2015
Corrosion-Resistant Stainless Steel for Prestressed and Post-Tensioning StrandsJohn Scully; H. Celik Ozyildirim; Stephen R. Sharp05/31/2019
Corrosion-Resistant Steel for Longer Service Life and Lower Maintenance in Steel GirdersStephen R. Sharp; Osman Ozbulut; Keith Harrop10/31/2016
Determination of Mechanical Properties for Cement-Treated Aggregate Base 06/30/2016
Permeable Pavement Pilot Project Using Porous AsphaltG. Michael Fitch09/30/2017
In-Service Performance Evaluation and monitoring of the Hybrid Composite Beam Bridge SystemDevin Harris; Michael C. Brown10/17/2017
Evaluation of Innovative Approaches to Curve Delineation for Two-Lane Rural RoadsRonald Gibbons; Alejandra Medina; Catherine C. McGhee06/30/2016
Traditional and Innovative Funding and Financing Options for Virginia and Its LocalitiesAudrey K. Moruza01/31/2016
Real-Time Prediction of Vehicle Locations in a Connected-Vehicle EnvironmentNoah J. Goodall01/31/2013
Survey and Management of Civil War Monuments in the VDOT Right of WayAnn B. Miller02/28/2016
The Influence of Aggregate Grading and Morphology on the Performance of Small-Size Stone-Matrix Asphalt MixturesCristian Druta; Linging Wang; Harikrishnan Nair; D. Stephen Lane05/31/2017
Stone Matrix Asphalt - A Decade of Performance in VirginiaKevin K. McGhee09/30/2015
Investigation of Binder Aging and Mixture Performance In-Service Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) MixturesHarikrishnan Nair; Stacey D. Diefenderfer06/30/2015
The Future of Traffic Control DevicesBrian L. Smith; Hyungjun Park09/30/2018
Magnetic Flux Leakage Device for Evaluation of Prestressed Concrete Box BridgesSteve Chase; Soundar Balakumaran02/28/2018
Applying Cluster Analysis Techniques to Traffic Operations for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)Hesham Rakha06/30/2017
Evaluation of the I-66 Active Traffic Management System: Phase 2Michael D. Fontaine03/31/2018
Systemic Low Cost Countermeasures for an Unsignalized Intersection Safety Improvement Plan for VirginiaIn-Kyu Lim; Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.03/31/2018
Mesoscopic Modeling Guidance and Pilot TestBrian Park; Justice Appiah11/30/2017
Evaluation of Travel Time Prediction ProductsNoah J. Goodall06/30/2017
Preparing for Automated Vehicles in VirginiaNoah J. Goodall10/18/2018
Implementation of Pervious Concrete for Stormwater Management at VDOT FacilitiesGail Moruza; H. Celik Ozyildirim11/30/2017
Dynamic Ridesharing Pilot ProgramNorthern Virginia Regional Commission; Catherine C. McGhee12/30/2015
Implementation of the Hillman Composite Beam in a Virginia BridgeCris Moen; Carin Roberts-Wollmann; Tommy Cousins; Michael C. Brown08/31/2014
Implementation of a Prestressed Inverted T-Beam SystemCarin L. Roberts-Wollmann; Tommy Cousins; Michael C. Brown10/31/2014
Corrosion-Resistant Carbon-Fiber Composite Cable for Prestressed Bridge PilesAudrey K. Moruza; Stephen R. Sharp; H. Celik Ozyildirim05/31/2019
Evaluation of Merits and Requirements of Next-Generation Traffic-Control Systems for VDOT's Northern Region Existing InfrastructureMonty Abbas; Catherine C. McGhee01/31/2012