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Page Title: VTRC Projects
TitleMembersDue Date
Mixed Reality-Assisted Element Level Inspection and DocumentationRodrigo Sarlo; Joseph Gabbard; Bernard L. Kassner05/31/2024
Behavior of the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Elastic Inclusion at Integral AbutmentsBurak Tanyu; Erol Guler; Edward J. Hoppe04/30/2024
Evaluation of Recycled Plastic Modified Asphalt Mixtures: Phase ILewis N. Lloyd; Jhony Habbouche10/31/2023
Methods to Analyze and Predict Interstate Travel Time Reliability – Phase IIJustice Appiah; Mo Zhao12/31/2022
Development of Design Recommendations for Non-Contact, Hooked Bar Lap Splices for Large Reinforcing Bars Carin Roberts-Wollmann; Eric Jacques; Bernard L. Kassner05/31/2025
Balanced Mix Design for Surface Asphalt Mixtures: 2020 and 2021 Field TrialsIlker Boz; Jhony Habbouche; Stacey D. Diefenderfer12/31/2022
Evaluating the Use of Engineered Additives to Enhance the Performance Properties of Asphalt Binders and MixturesHarikrishnan Nair; Jhony Habbouche06/30/2023
Balanced Mix Design for Surface Asphalt Mixtures: 2021 and 2022 Plant Mix Schedule PilotsIlker Boz; Jhony Habbouche; Stacey D. Diefenderfer05/31/2023
Synthesis of Local and Regional Truck Freight Planning PracticesJohn S. Miller12/31/2023
Improving Ridership Projections of Proposed Bus and Rail Transit Projects for Evaluating Congestion Reduction EffectsAfrida Raida; Peter B. Ohlms11/30/2023
Improving Safety Service Patrol PerformanceMecit Cetin; Hong Yang; Sherif Ishak; Noah J. Goodall10/31/2023
Evaluating Surface Characteristics of Dense Graded Asphalt MixturesGerardo Flintsch; Kevin K. McGhee; Ilker Boz03/31/2023
Calibration of Safety Performance Functions for Freeway Ramp Terminals in VirginiaJustice Appiah04/30/2023
Long-Term Assessment of the Low Impact Development Strategies Used for the Lorton Road Widening Project, Fairfax County, VA Phase VJames Smith; Lewis N. Lloyd01/31/2024
Efficacy and Safety of Combining Heat Induction and Laser Ablation for the Removal of Potentially Hazardous Bridge CoatingsSean Agnew; James Fitz-Gerald; James S. Gillespie; Jason T. Provines; Stephen R. Sharp09/30/2024
Pavement Friction Management Program Implementation (Phase 3) - District-Level DeploymenEdgar de Leon Izeppi; Gerardo Flintsch; Kevin B. Wright; Kevin K. McGhee01/31/2024
Evaluation of VDOT Chip Seal Practices: Materials and DesignIlker Boz08/31/2023
Round Robin Testing Program for the Indirect Tensile Cracking Test (IDT-CT) at Intermediate TemperatureStacey D. Diefenderfer; Ilker Boz; Jhony Habbouche06/30/2022
Data-Driven Decision-Making Framework for Inspection of Bridge Decks Richard Weyers; Soundar Balakumaran01/31/2024
Promoting Native Roadside Plant Communities and Ensuring Successful Vegetation Establishment PracticeShawn Askew; Mike Goatley; Bridget M. Donaldson08/31/2023
Analysis of Virtual Public Involvement in the Transportation Planning ProcessLance E. Dougald09/30/2022
Feasibility of Adapting VisionEval for Scenario PlanningYiqing Xu; Sayed Adel; Lance E. Dougald; John S. Miller10/31/2022
Developing Guidance for a Corridor Level Vehicle Occupancy Rate Data Collection Program John S. Miller; Yiqing Xu; Lance E. Dougald01/31/2023
Cost of Congestion Due to Incidents on FreewaysJames S. Gillespie; Noah J. Goodall; Mo Zhao; Chien-Lun Lan10/31/2021
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Brine Tanks by Thermographic and Ultrasonic MethodsAlexander S. Brand; Lewis N. Lloyd01/31/2023
Mass Concrete Mixtures Optimized For Temperature Control and WorkabilityMary Sharifi; M. Shabbir Hossain; H. Celik Ozyildirim10/31/2023
Fiber Reinforced Concrete Overlays for Bridge StructuresMary Sharifi; H. Celik Ozyildirim12/31/2023
Use of Sand Lightweight Concrete and All Lightweight Concrete to Improve PropertiesHarikrishnan Nair; Mary Sharifi; H. Celik Ozyildirim08/31/2023
Evaluating Recycling Agents’ Acceptance for Virginia: Test Protocols and Performance-Based Threshold CriteriaCassie Castorena; Benjamin Shane Underwood; Ilker Boz; Jhony Habbouche07/31/2023
Concrete Mix Designs for Partial-Depth Link Slabs and Deck ExtensionsMary Sharifi; Bernard L. Kassner; H. Celik Ozyildirim08/31/2024
Feasibility of Using Monotonic Loading-based Tests to Evaluate Rutting Performance of Asphalt MixturesStacey D. Diefenderfer; Jhony Habbouche; Osman Ozbulut; Ilker Boz11/30/2022
Identification of Locations and Causes of Unreliable Travel Times on Virginia FreewaysChien-Lun Lan; Ramkumar Venkatanarayana12/31/2021
Development of Guidelines for Establishing Shared-Use Park-and-Ride LotsLance E. Dougald10/31/2021
Development of Guidelines for Collecting Transit Ridership DataHong Yang; Sherif Ishak; Kun Xie; Peter B. Ohlms07/31/2022
Best Practices for Historic Masonry Repair and RehabilitationAnn B. Miller11/30/2022
Determining Design Criteria for Land and Flow Characteristics that Produce Non-Erosive Sheet FlowJonathan Goodall; Lewis N. Lloyd07/31/2022
Implementation and Evaluation of an Automated Placard Reader System - Phase IIAndy Alden; Cristian Druta; Michael D. Fontaine01/31/2022
What is an Effective Way to Measure Arterial Demand When it Exceeds Capacity?Mecit Cetin; Hong Yang; Kun Xie; John S. Miller01/31/2022
Performance of Ground Tire Rubber Modified Asphalt Mixture Overlays over Jointed Concrete Pavements M. Shabbir Hossain; Harikrishnan Nair12/31/2021
Impact of Production Variability on Balanced Mix Design in VirginiaBenjamin Bowers; Fan Yin; Ilker Boz; Stacey D. Diefenderfer04/30/2022
Synthesis of VDOT Historic Bridge Survey, Review, and Management InformationAnn B. Miller04/30/2022
Strategies to Reduce Truck Mounted Attenuator CrashesRonald Gibbons; Alejandra Medina; Mike Mollenhauer; Eric Li; Behzad Esmaeili; Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.02/28/2022
Developing a Plan for Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Traffic Operations Applications in VirginiaAndy Alden; John Coggin; John (Hyoshin) Park; Noah J. Goodall10/31/2021
Corrosion Resistant Steel Bridges on Virginia's Eastern ShoreJason T. Provines06/30/2023
Fauquier County Road Orders 1784-1800Ann B. Miller10/31/2021
The Effects of Surface Condition and Long-Term Environmental Exposure on the Bond Between Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers and SteelMatthew Hebdon; Audrey K. Moruza; Bernard L. Kassner09/30/2023
Performance Assessment of Jointless Abutments in VirginiaEdward J. Hoppe; Bernard L. Kassner02/28/2023
Reliability of Nondestructive Evaluation Methods for Bridge DecksSoundar Balakumaran02/28/2022
Performance of Asphalt Rubber Gap Graded Mixture Overlays over Jointed Concrete Pavements (JCP)M. Shabbir Hossain; Harikrishnan Nair12/31/2021
Guidance For and Effectiveness of Low Cost Delineation TreatmentsAlejandra Medina; Ronald Gibbons; Eric Li; Benjamin H. Cottrell, Jr.03/31/2022
Arterial Congestion Bottlenecks - Pilot StudyMo Zhao; Ramkumar Venkatanarayana09/30/2020
Roadside Truck Placard Readers for Advanced Notice and Response at Safety-Critical FacilitiesAndy Alden; John Park; Michael D. Fontaine09/30/2019
Repair Methods for Corrosion-Damaged Prestressed Concrete GirdersCarin Roberts-Wollmann; Matthew Hebdon; Ioannis Koutromanos; Bernard L. Kassner07/31/2022
Field Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Repairs using Hydro-Demolition, Galvanic Cathodic Protection or Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Michael M. Sprinkel; H. Celik Ozyildirim; Stephen R. Sharp04/28/2023
Full Depth Reclamation with Thin Surface Treatment for Low Volume Road Maintenance Brian K. Diefenderfer; Harikrishnan Nair09/30/2021
Pavement Structural Evaluation with Traffic Speed Deflection Devices (TSDDs) Pooled Fund Study TPF5-385Gerardo Flintsch; Samir Katicha; Brian K. Diefenderfer10/31/2023
Implementation of Unmanned Aerial System-Based (UAS) Digital Photogrammetry for Design, Risk Analysis, and Hazard Mitigation of Rock SlopesChester Watts; Edward J. Hoppe09/30/2020
Development of a Bat Guano and Acoustic Sampling Testing Protocol to Identify Species Occupying VDOT BridgesE. M. Hallerman; W. Mark Ford; K. E. Powers; Bridget M. Donaldson12/31/2021
Condition Modeling & Forecasting within VDOT's Bridge Management SystemDevin Harris; Bernard L. Kassner02/28/2020
Development of a Simplified Analysis for Corroded Steel Beam EndsJason T. Provines; Matthew Hebdon; Michael M. Sprinkel07/31/2021
Continued Monitoring of the Varina-Enon Bridge - Estimation of Effective Prestress 10/31/2021
Evaluation of Bus Collision Avoidance and Warning SystemNoah J. Goodall; Peter B. Ohlms11/30/2021
Investigation of No. 10 Screenings for Subgrade Soil ImprovementM. Shabbir Hossain10/31/2021
Existing Condition Assessment, Remaining Service Life Prediction, and Evaluation of Repair Methods for VDOT's Salt Water Detention PondsKuo Tian; Burak Tanyu; Lewis N. Lloyd01/31/2021
Virginia Connected Corridors NextMike Mollenhauer; Michael D. Fontaine10/31/2020
Using Google Earth and Google Street View for Slope Cut Inventory and Rockfall Hazard RatingYonathan Admassu; M. Shabbir Hossain04/30/2021
Crushed Hydraulic Cement Concrete Adjacent to Underdrains 06/30/2024
Connected Vehicle Pooled Fund Study Phase 4, TPF 5-206Brian Smith; Michael D. Fontaine12/31/2021
Pavement Friction Management Program - Statewide PilotEdgar de Leon Izzepi; Gerardo Flintsch; Kevin K. McGhee04/30/2021
Connected Traffic Control System (CTCS): Research Planning and Concept Development 11/30/2019
Evaluation of Strategies to Reduce Truck Turnarounds at the Hampton Roads Bridge TunnelHong Yang; Rajesh Paleti; Mecit Cetin; Michael D. Fontaine02/28/2019
Life-Cycle Impact Assessment of In-Place Recycled Pavement SectionsGerardo Flintsch; Samer Katicha; Brian K. Diefenderfer09/30/2021
Development of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG) Inputs for Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA)Girum Merine; Harikrishnan Nair10/31/2020
Management Guidelines for Historic Roads in VirginiaAnn B. Miller03/31/2019
Implementation of Coating Removal Technique for Steel Components on VDOT BridgesJames M. Fitz-Gerald; Sean R. Agnew; James S. Gillespie; Stephen R. Sharp12/31/2018
Customizing the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) for Virginia 03/31/2018